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LOVE.NGPLAYLIST is open to everyone in the world. Although our headquarters is in Nigeria, people from all over the world who want to find life-partners are welcome. When you join, we ask for a few details about you, including a profile picture. Our goal is to make this a simple, honest, and easy-to-use site to find somebody you'll love. So, everybody on this site has a profile picture and other details for you to know some things about them.

2. Pay one-time membership fee

To complete your registration, you need to pay a membership fee of N3,000 only. You pay this amount only once, and you become a fully registered member, who can search for people and send and recieve messages from people. We use this money to maintain and improve the website, pay our staff, AND to filter out serious people. So this way, every single person who is fully registered on this site is also 'for real'. This site is for 'straight' couples, so if you're a guy, you'll only be able to search for ladies, and if you're a lady, you can only search for guys.

3. Connect with someone! Find someone great here.

You can search for people using different criteria. More people join this site everyday, so keep coming back, you just might find someone you REALLY like, who's looking for someone just like YOU! You know that's how love works!

Updated: Monday July 23 2018
Site launch date: August 17 2018

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+234 815 294 9020